Services and Supplies


  • 24 Hour Emergency Service: Special emergency assistance is available to our customers through a 24-hour phone service regular telephone and cellular.

  • Discharge Assistance: We work directly with physicians and hospital discharge planners to ensure a smooth transition from hospital care to home care .

  • Locations: We have a convenient business location in Grants, New Mexico.

  • Approved Provider For: Medicare, Medicaid, Presbyterian, Department of Labor, and other insurance carriers are processed with minimal inconvience to patients and referral sources.

  • Patient Instruction and Training: A trained staff of home health equipment professionals ensures that each patient is fully trained on the operation and care of equipment. Instructions when necessary is carried out to the hospital prior to discharge and thereafter in the convenience and comfort of the patient's home.

  • Delivery and Regular Service: Mt Taylor Medical Supply delivers equipement, supplies, and performs setup and patient instruction free of charge. Regular visits are scheduled to ensure equipment is working to expectations and disposable supplies are replenished.

  • Consultations: Our staff members meet, when requested, with referral personnel or with the patient and family to solve any matter involving our provision of homecare products and services.

Equipment and Supplies

Mt. Taylor Medical Supply offers patients the following home equipment:

Oxygen Concentrators & Accessories

Portable Oxygen Systems

Nebulizers & Humidifiers



Wheelchairs & Accessories

Walking Aids

Patient Room Furnishing

Bath & Toilet Safety Items

Diagnostic Products

Incontinence Supplies

Hospital Beds

Orthopedic Supports, Cushions & Accessories